As premier Australian Labradoodle breeders in California, we take our Labradoodle puppies seriously! Our dogs are a part of our family and live indoors. Every Australian Labradoodle has completed health testing and we strive for proper temperament, ability and conformation. Learn more about our Multigen Labradoodle breeding practices and state-of-the-art puppy nursery on our About Us page.

Welcome Labradoodle Lovers!

IMG_2786As Australian Labradoodle breeders in California, we specialize in allergy-friendly Multigen Australian Labradoodles. We choose to breed just a few, select mini and medium labradoodle puppy litters each year. We offer lifetime support on all labradoodle puppies and you can be certain that our two little girls will properly socialize your labradoodle puppy before it’s placed into your arms.

We have a whimsical, silly outlook on life and we like to think that our labradoodle puppies are the same. Whether outside California or in California, if you want a labradoodle puppy that will integrate into your family seamlessly and melt your heart at first sight, you’ve come to the right place! We are located in between Northern and Southern California, however we do have a Puppy Nanny that will ensure that your Moo Cow puppy gets to you safely and without trauma, regardless of your location.

While many of our labradoodle puppies go to homes in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego and other California cities, we’re more than just a California labradoodle breeder…and more than just a multigen labradoodle breeder. Instead, we love that we can personally deliver these adorable California labradoodle puppies when we have labradoodle puppies for sale.

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Email us at about our labradoodle puppies for sale as we’d love to talk about all things Labradoodle with you!

We are excited to announce that our sweet little Maple has been included in the 2014 Doodle Kisses “Lotsa Doodles” Calendar!  Details below…..


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There are 3 calendars to choose from.  Our Maple is in the “Lotsa Doodles” calendar pictured above. Purchase your calendars HERE. – 25% of the profits are donated to doodle and dog rescues.